Sustainable Customized Coatings

LTI Coating Technologies, LLC (LTI) offers a broad range of high performance tintable abrasion and chemical resistant hard coatings that improve the appearance and durability of products in a variety industries. These premium coatings are available in both thermal and UV-cure suitable for plastic, glass, metal, and wood substrates. Highly versatile, these coatings are available in polysiloxane, solvent, as well as environmentally sustainable low-VOC and solvent-free formulations for dip, flow, spin and spray application.

Each coating application is unique, whether it’s clear or colored, high gloss or matte finish, scratch resistant or anti-bacterial, our chemists work with you to formulate a coating that meets your requirements. We have a knowledgeable scientific team available to assist you to develop an ideal coating solution for your products. These coatings add value to your product by improving durability, extending your product’s life span to simply enhancing its cosmetic appearance.

LTI has an extensive and experienced technical staff available to provide qualified coating development and support as well as a mechanical personnel for the design and support of coating application equipment.  Our accessibility and active personal approach allows us to actively meet customer’s specific needs in a variety of industries. Using the latest technology, our expertise, and dedication to customer service, we work with businesses to create formulations that best meet their coating, cost, and timing needs.

Contact a Customer Care Specialist to discuss a formulation that is bested suited for your requirements.