Specialty Applications

LTI Coating Technologies, Inc. (LTI) scientific and technical teams are available to provide qualified coating development and support.  Our mechanical personnel can also design and support coating application equipment. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff that can work with you to work out an ideal coating solution for your plastic, glass, metal, paper, wood, and other products. Coating can add value to your product by adding durability and extending its life or simply enhancing its cosmetic appearance.

Benefits – Value Proposition

LTI has a vast array of industry coating solutions to suit your specific production needs:

  • Coating Categories: hard coating, multi-purpose, primer and primer-free, tintable.
  • Coating Features: abrasion, chemical, impact and scratch resistant, anti-reflective compatible, environmental stability, flexible, optical clarity, and weatherable.
  • Coating Composition: solvent-based, solvent-free (100% solids), polysiloxane, water-based, low VOC.
  • Curing Methods: Thermal, UV-Cure and Hybrid.
  • Multiple Substrates: ceramics and tile, glass, plastics, metal, wood.
  • Application Methods: dip, flow, roll-to-roll, spin, spray.
  • Multiple Markets:  Architectural, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Ophthalmic.

Contact a Customer Care Specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited for your requirements.