Ophthalmic Eyewear Solutions

LTI Coating Technologies, LLC (LTI) protective coatings provide uncompromising visual clarity and premium durability to ophthalmic Rx prescription lens eyewear.  These coatings can be used on tinted or clear substrates such as polycarbonate, polyamide, cast resins and acrylic.  Our affiliate FSI Coating Technologies also offers a wide range of complementary anti-fog coating for the eyewear industry.


  • Acrylic, CR-39®, and Polycarbonate
  • High-Index Lens: MR™ Series MR-8™, MR-7™, MR-10™ & MR-174™


  • Ophthalmic Rx prescription lens
  • Protective eyewear such as face shields, masks, goggles, and visors


  • Exceptional optical clarity for 100%  visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Primer-free options available for adhesion to polycarbonate and acrylic
  • Available in thermal and UV-cure, for dip and spin applications
  • Highly durable, abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance
  • Cures at low temperatures, resistant to ink ghosting
  • Tintable and non-tintable
  • Good steel wool and  chemical resistance

Benefits – Value Proposition

  • Meets or exceeds many safety standards for abrasion resistance.
  • Compatible with anti-reflective, mirror and metalizing treatments.
  • Rapid tinting combined with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance for a variety of substrates.
  • Delivers premium Bayer results.
  • Exceptional product stability, reducing the need for frequent tank  changes outs, streamlining and maximizing product yields.