Protective UV Coating for Buildings

Architectural & Building

LTI Coating Technologies, Inc. (LTI) provides energy efficient and sustainable UV-cure, solvent and solvent-free (100% solids) abrasion and chemical resistant coatings for architectural and building products on plastics, glass, metal, wood, ceramic and tile  substrates. We also manufacture transparent and translucent colored coatings for decorative glass used with etching and engraving. Applications include counter tops, floors, doors, and furniture.

UV Coating for Auto Wheel

Automotive & Transit

Our abrasion-resistant hard coatings can be used on a variety of plastic, glass and metal materials where scratch and chemical resistance are required. Parts and equipment applications include instrument panels, displays and gauges, aluminum and chrome wheels for automobiles and trucks, bus and motor coaches, train rail cars, and motorcycles. LTI’s team will work with you to select the best coating for your application.

Aviation UV Coating Solutions

Aviation & Aerospace

LTI’s optically clear, abrasion resistant coatings accelerate the durability and performance of aviation and aerospace parts and pilot equipment.  We offer a broad range of versatile coating features such as tintability, premium abrasion and chemical resistance, compatibility with anti-reflective, mirror and metalizing treatments. Applications include commercial aircraft cabin windows, cockpit instrument panels and navigation systems, military jet and helicopter canopies, as well as oxygen helmet visors for space and military missions.

Protective UV Coating for Electronics


LTI products are well suited for electronics applications where scratch resistance, durability and product performance are desired. From devices such as tablets, eReaders, cell phone casings, LCD and plasma screens to cameras, and watches, our products add durability and superior abrasion resistance to all types of plastic, plastic films, glass, metal and metalized parts.

UV Coating for Glucose Meter

Medical & Safety

LTI manufactures a broad range of coating products for medical and safety applications. LTI offers high performance abrasion and chemical resistance specifically designed to meet the industry’s high standards and testing requirements. We also offer primer-free coatings with a rapid thermal cure. Applications include medical devices to safety eyewear.

Ophthalmic Lens Coating

Ophthalmic Solutions

As the market leader in premium abrasion resistant coatings, LTI makes a variety of coatings and primers for vision corrective lenses and other optical applications. We manufacture tintable and non-tintable coatings in both solvent and solvent-free (100% solids) formulas for UV-cure application. Our high performance abrasion and chemical resistant coatings can be applied to a variety lens materials.

Blue Big Water Drops

Specialty & Custom Applications

From simple to more complex coating product development, our support team can assist you with initial product design to production. Recognizing each customer’s unique needs, our expert scientists carefully review product requirements to determine the best existing product, or develop an alternative customized coating formulation.