• UV Cure Coatings for Sunwear
  • UV Curable Coatings for Eyewear
  • UV Curing Equipment for Sunglasses
  • UV Cure Coating on Train

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LTI Coating Technologies (LTI) is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of premium UV-Cure liquid hard coatings for plastic, glass, metal and wood substrates

Our Innovative Coating Solutions:

  • Abrasion, Scratch & Chemical Resistant
  • Compatibile with A/R and Metalizing Treatments
  • Solvent-Free (100% Solids) and Solvent-based
  • Tintable and Non-tintable

Next Generation Coating Systems

We offer a range of compact spin coating equipment for precise application of scratch-resistant coatings.

CrystalSpin™ UV-Cure Coater

Semi-Automatic Hard Coating System




Industry Solutions and Proven Products

From industry-specific coating solutions to custom applications, we have you covered. 

More Than 30 Years of Innovation

Maximize your competitive position in the marketplace.

Formed in 1986, LTI Coating Technologies (LTI) continues to advance the coating Industry today through innovative products that serve the evolving coating needs of a broad spectrum of markets and applications.